General Dentistry

QUALITY CARE IN COMFORTABLE SURROUNDS. A dental check up every 6 months and with good oral hygiene, it plays a key role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and maintaining a beautiful smile. However you should ask your dentist at the end of an appointment what is appropriate for your oral health.

Our general dental treatment includes:

Check up with Oral Hygiene Clean and Fluoride Treatment

Once we have completed a comprehensive examination we will then discuss any potential problems or concerns and develop a tailored treatment plan with you. We will also offer advice on the best way for you to maintain your smile at home and between your Gracedays dental appointments.

In our experience, we find that patients who attend regular appointments at our practice often spend less money in the long-run than those who just come in when they are in pain or experiencing a dental problem. Why? This is because regular appointments mean early detection and simple solutions. Coming for an appointment when there is a problem is very important but this likely means that the dental issue has been in existence for some time and requires more complex and expensive treatment to solve the issue.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Porcelain/Inlay or Onlay Fillings:

Porcelain Fillings are strong and aesthetically they look just like natural teeth.

White Composite Fillings:

A composite filling is made of a resin material similar in consistency as toothpaste and is applied to the tooth surface in thin layers. It is hardened by a UV light, then shaped and polished, restoring your tooth’s form and function.

Root Canal Treatment

A tooth may require root canal treatment because of an infection from severe decay, gum disease or an accident has damaged the tooth’s nerve requiring its removal. The tooth does not necessarily needs to be extracted and can be saved.

The procedure requires three appointments, the first involves isolating the tooth with a rubber sheet to prevent any infection from spreading. Any tooth decay is removed before the nerve can be removed using very fine instruments.

The tooth can have one or up to four major canals. At the second appointment, the root canals are re-shaped and thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. If the tooth is free of any sign of infection, each root canal is then filled with a special compound at the last appointment, to fill the space where the nerve was taken out.

As the procedure often requires the removal of a large amount of the tooth, a crown is placed to restore strength and function of the tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to come through. If there’s sufficient space in the jaw and they come through straight like all your other teeth, they will usually not cause any problems. However, it’s when they grow in at an angle or don’t come through correctly it needs to be removed. Impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean, which can cause gum disease and other oral health problems for surrounding teeth, such as pushing them out of alignment. Although such problems often develop gradually, they can cause sudden and severe pain.

Dentures (full and partial)

Dentures restore function, enabling you to eat normally, speak clearly and feel confident about the aesthetics of your smile. While many people choose dentures to replace missing teeth, they are not the only option. Fixed dental implants are becoming an popular option.


At Gracedays Dental Centre, we understand accidents can happen and often at the most inappropriate time. Give us a call to arrange an appointment at your appropriate time.